FAQ Group: Glossary of Terms


An accessory that breaks up larger pieces of dried cannabis flowers. This helps prepare it for use in pipes, vapourizers, etc.

Water Pipe

This is an accessory used to inhale cannabis. Smoke is passed through water to cool it, and into a mouthpiece from which it is inhaled.


A fibre that can be made from male cannabis plants and used to manufacture rope, fabric, paper, food and more.


A cannabis plant that is a genetic cross between two or more strains. A lot of cannabis consumed today is hybrid.

Licensed Producer

A licensed producer (LP) is an organization licensed by Health Canada to perform activities with cannabis that include cultivation, processing, research and development (R&D) and selling cannabis for medical or non-medical purposes. See the full list of licensed producers in Canada here.


A set of plants of the same variety of cannabis, that have been grown, harvested and processed together by the same licensed producer.


Used to combine ground cannabis into a roll for inhalation.


A term for many different kinds of plants, including Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, which are used recreationally to alter mood.

Cannabis indica

A species of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range within Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plants are normally bushier than Cannabis sativa.

Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is a less-common type of cannabis plant that is often used by breeders to enhance their hybrids. It is short and stalky with light green leaves, and tends to be rugged and auto-flowering.